Our Real Estate Practice Team represents clients located throughout the United States and in Canada, and has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of real estate law, including sales and acquisitions, leasing, financing, construction, litigation and title matters.  We have the expertise to provide our clients with comprehensive advice throughout all phases of a project, from conception to completion. Our attorneys have been responsible for major multimillion and billion dollar real estate transactions, including the financing, sale, leasing and acquisition of shopping centers, office complexes, industrial buildings, warehouses, apartments, student housing, condominiums, mobile home parks, and hotels.

Collectively, our attorneys and paralegals have decades of experience representing developers in all facets of their business.  Two partners in this practice group share a combined 25 years of experience as senior in-house counsel and advisors to the largest family-owned commercial real estate developer in the United States and were engaged in all aspects of that company’s real estate development and financing.  Another of our attorneys has more than 30 years of experience practicing real estate law with a concentration on condominiums. We leverage this wealth of experience for the benefit of each of our clients to not only provide superior legal services, but also to offer advice on the business components of a deal.

Our Practice Group has consistently earned the highest ranking (Tier 1) in the annual U.S. News & World Report “Best Law Firms” ranking for excellence in Real Estate law.

Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions

Our Practice Group represents buyers and sellers of all sizes, counseling them in the structuring, negotiation and closing of all types of commercial real property transactions. We have the expertise to guide and protect our clients through even the most complex deals, providing advice that not only protects their legal interests, but also maximizes their business opportunities.

Real Estate Finance
We assist our clients in structuring, documenting, and closing a wide variety of real estate debt and equity transactions. Our attorneys bring a broad range of experience in virtually all aspects of financings, including junior and senior mortgage loans, development and construction loans, mezzanine debt financing, bond financings, industrial development agency transactions, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, bridge loans, securitized financings, payoffs and defeasances.

Real Estate Leasing
Our leasing attorneys work with our clients to negotiate and draft leases of all types, including retail, office, industrial and multi-family. Our experience is wide-ranging, encompassing everything from large shopping centers to smaller commercial deals, giving us the ability to tailor agreements to meet our client’s specific needs. We represent landlords and tenants of all sizes in leases throughout the United States.

Real Estate Litigation
We partner with our Litigation Practice Group to represent our clients when real property disputes arise, leveraging the combined real estate and litigation expertise of our attorneys to obtain favorable results for our clients. We also work to maximize our clients’ return in eminent domain matters, assisting with the compilation and presentation of claims for compensation. In addition, our attorneys are there for our clients when they are dealing with troubled assets, guiding them through complicated workout and foreclosure procedures.

Title Insurance
Our attorneys provide comprehensive title review services, including examining title and reviewing surveys. Our experience allows us to proactively address potential issues before they threaten a transaction. In addition, we maintain agency and examining counsel relationships with several national title insurance companies, which provides our clients with the opportunity to timely and efficiently close deals.

Condominiums and Homeowners Associations
We represent developers in all phases of the condominium formation process, including preparation of Offering Plans for filing with the New York State Department of Law, as well as throughout the approval process with New York State. In addition, our attorneys also represent many condominium and homeowners’ associations to ensure continued compliance with all laws and regulations.

Renewable Energy Projects 
Our Team has experience negotiating solar and other energy related option and lease agreements on behalf of solar companies, private utilities, and tenants; and addressing real property due diligence issues, including, but not limited to, title and survey review and other real property related considerations in connection with real estate agreements and transactions.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Condominiums & Homeowners Associations
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Multi-family Housing Transactions
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Real Estate Finance and Development
  • Real Estate Leasing
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Title Insurance
  • Zoning and Land Use
headshot of team member Daniel D. Akel
Daniel D. Akel Partner dakel@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1533
headshot of team member Edward C. Akel
Edward C. Akel Partner eakel@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1526
headshot of team member Helen S. Atter
Helen S. Atter Partner hatter@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1553
headshot of team member Vadim V.  Belous
Vadim V. Belous Associate vbelous@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1296
headshot of team member Christina D. Bonanni
Christina D. Bonanni Senior Associate cbonanni@lippes.com 202.888.7610 x1609
headshot of team member Mark D.  Canfield
Mark D. Canfield Associate mcanfield@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1523
headshot of team member Richard R. Capote
Richard R. Capote Senior Associate rcapote@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1287
headshot of team member Barbara S. Cocciolo
Barbara S. Cocciolo Partner bcocciolo@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1510
headshot of team member Zachary J.  Dewey
Zachary J. Dewey Associate zdewey@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1295
headshot of team member Thomas J. Fennell
Thomas J. Fennell Partner tfennell@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1353
headshot of team member Robert E. Ganz
Robert E. Ganz Senior Counsel rganz@lippes.com 518.462.0110 x1424
headshot of team member H. Leon Holbrook III
H. Leon Holbrook III Partner hholbrook@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1530
headshot of team member Anthony M.  Kroese
Anthony M. Kroese Associate akroese@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1362
headshot of team member Michael L. Nisengard
Michael L. Nisengard Senior Associate mnisengard@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1284
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Michael R. Overmyer Partner movermyer@lippes.com 585.770.7590 x1801
headshot of team member Matthew R. Palmieri
Matthew R. Palmieri Partner mpalmieri@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1244
headshot of team member Jennifer C. Persico
Jennifer C. Persico Partner | Executive Committee | Team Leader - Litigation jpersico@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1350
headshot of team member Brad F. Randaccio
Brad F. Randaccio Partner brandaccio@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1265
headshot of team member Blaine S. Schwartz
Blaine S. Schwartz Partner bschwartz@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1374
headshot of team member Stanley B. Segal
Stanley B. Segal Of Counsel ssegal@lippes.com 518.462.0110
headshot of team member Ian A. Shavitz
Ian A. Shavitz Partner | Team Leader - Environment & Energy ishavitz@lippes.com 202.888.5963
headshot of team member Jeannine R. Shavitz
Jeannine R. Shavitz Counsel jshavitz@lippes.com 202.888.7610 x1611
headshot of team member David E. Siegfeld
David E. Siegfeld Partner | Team Leader - Trusts & Estates dsiegfeld@lippes.com 518.462.0110 x1425
headshot of team member Ryan V.  Stearns
Ryan V. Stearns Partner | Team Co-Leader - Cannabis rstearns@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1364
headshot of team member Matthew D.  Stern
Matthew D. Stern Counsel mstern@lippes.com 210.436.6222 x1590
headshot of team member Christopher A. Walker
Christopher A. Walker Office Partner-in-Charge, Jacksonville cwalker@lippes.com 904.660.0020 x1501
headshot of team member Paul F. Wells
Paul F. Wells Partner | Executive Committee | Team Leader - Real Estate pwells@lippes.com 716.853.5100 x1245
headshot of team member Alan S. Wexler
Alan S. Wexler Senior Counsel awexler@lippes.com 716.853.5100
headshot of team member Joshua Zelkowitz
Joshua Zelkowitz Of Counsel jzelkowitz@lippes.com 202.888.7610 x1613
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